Understanding the connectivity between European and African food systems

News | 2021-07-27 | Nunzia Cito

On June 22, 2021, a workshop was organized by the Knowledge Centre for Global Food and Nutrition Security (KC-FNS), to bring together the postharvest losses and the mycotoxins research networks in Africa and reflect on links and research priorities, which are relevant to both communities. Monica Ermolli, responsible at KC-FNS for activity related to the priority topic: “Mycotoxin” chaired one of the working groups.

Many expectations and hopes are pinned on the newly created African Food Safety Authority, which aims to address continental standardization and coordination of food safety systems. (https://au.int/en/pressreleases/20210608/continental-consultative-meeting-held-develop-africa-food-safety-strategy ). On the other hand, significant investments by both the public and private sector are needed to improve compliance with internationally accepted food safety requirements.

Veronica Lattanzio (FoodSafety4EU project coordinator), and Antonio Logrieco (FoodSafety4EU network coordinator) attended the workshop to enter into dialogue with KC-FNS on the impact of the EU Food Safety System dynamics on the African food system.

In this framework, the FoodSafety4EU community platform could be considered as a potential model to be implemented in Africa upon proper adaptation, as this newborn platform is a network of Food Safety System actors providing scientific advice and technical support for the EU food safety policies in close cooperation with EFSA –  European Food Safety Authority.

Learn more in the meeting report.

Veronica Lattanzio (CNR), Antonio Logrieco (CNR), Monica Ermolli (KC-FNS)

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