ILVO renewal of cooperation with the EU FOOD SAFETY PLATFORM!

News | 2024-01-17 | Nunzia Cito

ILVO, a key EU player in the food innovation and safety landscape, continues to exemplify dedication to excellence by renewing its commitment to shaping the future of food safety in Europe.
ILVO has confirmed its active engagement in the EU FOOD SAFETY PLATFORM, by signing the Terms of Reference.
ILVO has actively participated in the FS4EU project social labs (FSOLABs), in the EU Food Safety Forum and other events, by providing valuable input to the EU Science-Policy-Society dialogue.
ILVO membership will contribute to amplify the EU FOOD SAFETY PLATFORM collective impact, fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovative solutions, feeding a dynamic hub that transcends boundaries and contributes to the resilience of the European food safety system.