Survey on AI and Sustainable Food Systems: gathering stakeholders’ view

News | 2024-06-05 | Nunzia Cito

Euro Coop is taking part in a EU funded project SOSFood (Sustainability Optimization for Secure Food Systems) led by the University of Vigo whose aim is to apply AI to get a multidimensional analysis of the principles of sustainable food systems starting with the analysis of the different points of view of its main stakeholders. 

SOSFood will use data exploitation and AI-based technologies to provide a holistic and comprehensive image of the EU food system and develop tailored predictive tools to support well-informed decisions of all stakeholders of the food chain with a multi-factorial approach.

As a partner of the project, Euro Coop leads the task of gathering the different points of view from the main EU stakeholders on the main challenges of the three pillars of sustainability. 

To reduce your effort and time to help us gather the information, we have prepared a questionnaire with a comprehensive list of possible answers you can simply tick in on one or more or write down other answers if you want so.

We are trying to get all possible representatives of the main sectoral stakeholders of the food system involved to gather all possible points of view to represent an unbiased, objective starting point. Considering the stakeholders’ extensive knowledge, filling up the questionnaire won’t take longer than 10 minutes and it would be of extreme value for the project.

Thanks in advance for your valuable contribution.

The questionnaire is reachable at this link

Euro Coop is an EU FOOD SAFETY PLATFORM Member