‘Safe2Eat’ 2024 EFSA Campaign: empowering consumers across Europe

News | 2024-06-18 | Nunzia Cito

Safe2Eat is the new EFSA campaign to promote food safety awareness among European citizens and enable consumers to make informed decisions about their food choices with confidence.

The campaign 2024 addresses 17 participating countries: Romania, Czechia, Hungary, Greece, Estonia, Croatia, Italy, Latvia, Cyprus, Slovenia, Spain, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Portugal, and North Macedonia.
It continues to focus on educating citizens about various aspects of food safety, including foodborne diseases, proper food handling techniques, the importance of reading food labels, and the promotion of food waste reduction practices.

The campaign also stresses the significance of a balanced diet, the safety of food supplements, and the need to scientifically prove health claims on food products. Additionally, it seeks to raise awareness about the safety of food additives and novel foods, and the presence of food allergens.
Source: EFSA
Credits: https://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/safe2eat