Supporting future Risk Assessments: a survey by EFSA

News | 2024-02-01 | Nunzia Cito

In its continuous support for enhancing food safety across Europe, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) calls upon stakeholders engaged in the production, use, distribution, and research of novel proteins to actively participate in a pivotal expert survey.

EFSA‘s team of scientists, responsible for evaluating the safety of novel proteins within the realms of GMOs and novel foods, are reaching out to industry experts for their insights. This encompasses not only the safety of the end product but also the intricacies of the production processes involved. EFSA has launched an ambitious project to map protein-rich food and feed products, along with their associated processing technologies. This project will assess how processing methodologies influence the proteins present in the raw commodities.

As part of the project, EFSA is holding an expert survey:

to gather information about:

  • Novel protein sources falling under the EU Novel Food Regulation (excluding traditional foods from third countries),
  • Innovative/unconventional protein sources potentially for use in feed (eg, insects, microalgae, plant-based proteins),
  • Food and feed products containing protein derived from GM or conventional plant crops, and
  • Characterisation of the production processes for these three groups of products.

Deadline: 23 February 2024.
The survey takes approximately 10-20 minutes.