The platform is growing in 2022 : FFoQSI has joined FoodSafety4EU

News | 2022-01-18 | Nunzia Cito

To celebrate this promising year 2022, we are glad to disclose that the FoodSafety4EU network of Supporting Partners is welcoming a new stakeholder from in Western Europe: FFoQSI (Austria)


FFoQSI has signed an agreement with FoodSafety4EU to collaborate in sharing knowledge and experiences, as well as participate in consultations, meetings and events, dissemination and communication.

As an Austrian public-funded, multi-university co-owned, innovation and science program, its mission lies in investigating critical issues along the entire value chains of feed (plant-based) and food (animal and plant-based), with a focus on innovative approaches to reduce food waste (circularity) and mitigate chemical and microbial contaminants.


Through the signing of a mutual cooperation agreement, Pr Rudolf Krska is leading the collaboration in FFoQSI, and will take part in the FS4EU participatory process, from exchanging practices, network and knowledge, to the communication/dissemination effort needed to successfully build a multi-stakeholder sustainable platform for Food Safety in the EU.


Welcome on board, FFoQSI!

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