Foodsafety4EU @Food2030!

News | 2023-12-19 | Serena Cheren

FoodSafety4EU participated in the EU Food2030 conference, organized by the European Commission to present the Food2030 Pathways for Action 2.0 and feed the dialogue about the transition towards sustainable, resilient and inclusive food systems for the benefit of the environment and economy.

FS4EU has been invited as one of the 8 food system-related projects to the FOOD VILLAGE to present the EU Food Safety Platform in the EC context, and to showcase the main project Key Exploitable Results, including SRIA, tools and participative methodologies supporting food safety in Europe.

Veronica Lattanzio, Nunzia Cito, and Giulia Pietrollini met a lot of EU Food Safety Platform members, supporting partners, experts, companies, universities, public officers, and associations and invited them to join the multi-stakeholder platform by signing the Terms of Reference (link).

FS4EU platform is contributing to addressing specific R&I needs and challenges, enabling the desired change for ensuring safe food for a sustainable food system in Europe, as outlined by Food 2030 Research and Innovation – Pathways for action 2.00.