FOODSAFETY4EU General Assembly: launching the EU Food Safety Platform!

News | 2023-06-08 | Nunzia Cito

The FOODSAFETY4EU General Assembly has been held in Bari from 5 to 7 June 2023, aiming to further the objectives of the project and facilitate dialogue among experts and stakeholders.

The Consortium has officially launched the new platform that shares Food Safety knowledge, resources, tools and competencies, thus celebrating World Food Safety Day 2023.

The 23 partners presented the project’s key activities and results, discussed future steps, and prepared the agenda for the upcoming EU Food Safety Forum. With a diverse range of presentations, round table discussions, and interactive debates, the event fostered collaboration and knowledge sharing to enhance food safety in Europe.

The General Assembly kicked off with a warm welcome from the FS4EU Coordinator, who outlined the day’s objectives. The assembly then proceeded with comprehensive updates on the project’s progress, key exploitation results (KERs), and future plans. Each Work Package (WP) was led by their respective leaders and co-leaders, who shared their insights and engaged in productive discussions. The presentations covered a wide range of topics, including research, innovation, risk assessment, and collaboration among project partners.

EAB (External Advisory Board) members from EFSA and JRC – Joint Research Centre of the European Commission actively participated in the Assembly too, by providing interesting insights to the FS4EU Consortium.

A crucial aspect of the assembly focused on the sustainability of the FS4EU Platform. The consortium shared and discussed some ideas about a sustainability plan proposed by IBA, CNR, and APRE. Additionally, discussions were held on the terms of reference (ToR) and the potential form that would ensure the platform’s longevity.

With the EU Food Safety Forum on the horizon, the assembly was also dedicated to preparations for this outstanding event, by sharing the agenda and refining session details to ensure the forum’s effectiveness.

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