EU Food Safety Forum

The first European Food Safety Forum will take place in Brussels on the 28 and 29 November 2023 in Brussels @ La Tricoterie.

The Forum will be organized as a periodic appointment for gathering together Food Safety System actors in order to share knowledge and best practices, discuss the Food Safety hot issues, and propose collaborations for improving the efficacy of Food Safety policies and research in Europe.

It will be held every year, usually jointly with an international event. The first edition of the Forum will present the platform and the results of the FSOLabs.

Strategies, roadmaps and recommendations delivered by the project will be then validated at the institutional level ensuring their alignment with EU Food Safety policies, and enhancing the harmonization of Horizon 2020 Associated Countries and neighbour countries policies with the European ones. The organization of the European Food Safety Forum will take into account the best innovative models of breakout sessions to make the participatory process more effective.


The EU Forum will include outputs arising from the two intermediate pre-forum cycles: “Towards the EU Food Safety Forum: shaping together the new collaborative platform
“The new sustainability regulation: how to integrate it into food safety? has been held on Dec 15 2020, co-hosted by EURO COOP @ Copa – Cogeca | European Farmers European Agri-Cooperatives| in Brussels
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Sustainable food: how to keep it safe? has been held online gathering an audience of more than 120 scientists.
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