The new FS4EU website: a crossway for Food Safety in Europe

Articles | 2021-05-10 | Erin Vera

The new website of FOODSAFETY4EU is now available online. It constitutes a window to all the information necessary to understand the project and its objectives, as well as a space where users can find all the latest developments, achievements and keep updated about food safety with the news and events section.

The EU-funded FOODSAFETY4EU project is a step forward towards a more engaged and co-operative Food Safety System (FSS) in Europe. The project aims at designing, developing and releasing a multi-stakeholder platform to establish a network of FSS actors at national, European and international level,a crucial aspect in the success of this system.

The new website is one of the first reflections of the digital tools and knowledge development intended to facilitate a structured collaboration among these FSS actors. The actors can join the project by exploring the benefits for users in the website home page. They can be involved in by filling in the contact form and selecting “get engaged” to provide input and information in the survey.

Since the project kick-off in January 2021, the 23 Consortium partners have developed and made available other materials such as the “FS4EUpadtes”, a monthly magazine to inform the community on news, opportunities, events of the sector and FOODSAFETY4EU activities.

The European network currently consists of an initial nucleus of 44 stakeholders (Food Safety Authorities, consumers’ associations, research centres, etc.) that is growing up to 80 thanks to the contacts requests coming from different channels.  This community is expected to continue to grow into a Forum by the end of the project, in 3 years’ time.   

Learn how to join the European Food Safety Platform here.

The project is funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Learn more through the factsheet.

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