FS4EU at GenB Common Ground Camp on Bioeconomy education

Events | 2023-02-09 | Alessio Livio Spera
Date: 22 February 2023
Promoted by: APRE, ISEKI-FOOD
Place: remotely

Feb 21 – 22, 2023, 09:00 AM (EET), Athina, – Greece

FS4EU communication methods

FS4EU will participate in the GenB Camp to present new communication approaches experimented in our platform with schools and companies last year.
Line LindnerISEKI-Food Association, partner of our project, will share the experience of the FSOLab 4 on new communication methods, presenting new tools for education and training in the food safety field.

The two-day Common Ground Camp will promote bioeconomy practices in school settings and foster a future generation that is enthusiastic about bioeconomy and adopts more sustainable habits and lifestyles. The Camp is organized by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, within the GenB project

This participatory workshop will focus on the exchange of information, presentation of inspirational examples as well as the co-creation of innovative methods and approaches.

The Common Ground Camp is aimed at both formal and non-formal education communities (universities, education policymakers and regional authorities, school administrators, teachers, and other multipliers such as museums, science communicators, youth organizations, and community groups), as well as EU-funded projects/initiatives.

Agenda and registration here

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