POLISOSTENIBILI: a multi-actor dialogue on agri-food chains sustainability in Apulia, Italy

Events | 2024-05-20 | Nunzia Cito
Date: 15:00 - 16 May 2024
Place: on-site - Italy, Poggiorsini, Bitonto, Altamura, Valenzano, Bari

The EU Food Safety Platform jointly with CNR ISPA and the Metropolitan City of Bari, Italy is participating in the “Polisostenibili” series of meetings, initiating a participatory dialogue on the sustainability of agrifood chains, with a focus on the cereal, olive oil chains, and biodiversity.
These events are part of the Festival dello Sviluppo Sostenibile, the largest Italian initiative to raise awareness and mobilize citizens, younger generations, businesses, associations, and institutions on economic, social, and environmental sustainability topics, organized by ASviS – Alleanza Italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile.
The cycle includes four multi-actor workshops in the metropolitan area (Poggiorsini, Bitonto, Altamura, Valenzano) and a final event in Bari, where we’re going to apply the FS4EU net-map analysis.

Questionnaires (in the Italian language) are available here to catch insights from food business operators and experts:
Survey on cereal chain sustainability
Survey on olive oil chain sustainability