The SHEALTHY project collaboration enriches the FS4EU project family

News | 2022-05-26 | Flavia Fusconi

The FS4EU welcomes the project SHEALTHY– Non-Thermal physical technologies to preserve healthiness of fresh and minimally processed fruit and vegetables.

SHEALTHY project aims to assess and develop an optimal combination of non-thermal sanitization, preservation and stabilization methods to improve the safety, while preserving the nutritional quality and prolonging the shelf-life of minimally F&V products.

SHEALTHY project foresees actions of cooperation with other international fundedprojects, to improve knowledge and collaboration and exchange
information, joint activities, capitalization of public results, and
dissemination including the co-organization of the international
events. For this reason, both parties expressed interest to set
a pathway for cooperation within the framework of the FS4EU
roadmap, with particular focus on communication and dissemination activities.

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