European food safety research: An explorative study with funding experts’ consultation

Reports, scientific publications | 2023-12-02 | Nunzia Cito

A groundbreaking article has been published delving into the intricate landscape of European food safety research funding.

Authored by Tamara Stelzl, Nastasia Belc, Nunzia Cito, Jana Hajslova, Sophie Scheibenzuber, and Michael Rychlik, this publication offers a compelling exploration of critical issues shaping the future of food safety research.
It provides an in-depth exploration of the opacity and fragmentation present in food safety research funding and organizational structures across the European research area. Interviews with funding bodies from six European countries formed the basis of the investigation, aiming to assess key issues related to research funding in general and food safety in particular. By engaging funding experts to collaboratively address challenges identified during the interviews, the consultation process revealed invaluable insights into the issues encountered, such as inadequate call management staff and insufficient research funds.
The culmination of the research is a set of actionable recommendations to address the identified issues and improve the food safety research funding landscape. The findings emphasize the importance of a concerted effort to align and harmonize funding strategies at the European level, promoting a more integrated and effective approach to ensure global food safety.

The research work has been conducted during the implementation of the FoodSafety4EU project FSOLab 3 dedicated to exploring the Alignment of European Food Safety Research by simplification of funding processes.


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