FAO Report on global progress and urbanization’s impact on Food Security

Reports, scientific publications | 2024-01-25 | Nunzia Cito

In its latest edition, FAO releases a comprehensive report offering insights into the worldwide advancements toward ending hunger (SDG Target 2.1) and addressing all forms of malnutrition (SDG Target 2.2).
The report includes also estimations of the population unable to access a healthy diet, a critical aspect of sustainable development.
It highlights urbanization as a pivotal megatrend shaping the global food landscape. New evidence indicates a shift in food purchasing patterns, with urban households no longer exclusively leading in high food consumption; rural households are also on the rise. Moreover, the consumption of highly processed foods is increasing in peri-urban and rural areas across certain countries. The impact of these changes on food security and nutrition varies based on location along the rural–urban continuum.

The FAO report’s focus aligns with the United Nations General Assembly-endorsed New Urban Agenda. It offers recommendations on policies, investments, and actions necessary to navigate the challenges presented by agrifood systems transformation under urbanization. These insights aim to create opportunities for ensuring universal access to affordable and healthy diets, reinforcing the commitment to achieving SDG 2 targets.

FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP and WHO. 2023. The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2023.
Urbanization, agrifood systems transformation and healthy diets across the rural–urban continuum. Rome, FAO

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