Global Food Security and Sustainability Issues: The Road to 2030 from Nutrition and Sustainable Healthy Diets to Food Systems Change

Reports, scientific publications | 2024-01-25 | Nunzia Cito

This review highlights governance challenges in food system transformation, emphasizing the necessity for original approaches. A case study on plant-based proteins explores resource-efficient systems and food waste, revealing insights into both the evolution and hindrances of food system transformation. The implications of this transformation on nutrition and sustainable diets underscore the need for changes in food safety systems.

The critical connection between food and the environment underscores the urgency for system change and research on new foods, particularly plant-based proteins and their modifications, to pave the way for a sustainable and healthy global food landscape.

Link to the review by THEO VARZAKAS and Slim SMAOUI,
Special Issue Editorial Board Members’ Collection Series: “Global Food Security and Sustainability”

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