EU-FORA series on EFSA Journal: FoodSafety4EU – paving the way for the food safety system of the future

Reports, scientific publications | 2023-12-01 | Nunzia Cito

Frederic Bayer, EU-FORA 2021-2022 fellow hosted at CNR-ISPA during the FS4EU project, has reported the main outcomes of his research programme in the EU-FORA Series in EFSA Journal.

The programme RECIPE (Risk AssEssment/Risk CommunIcation: understanding the context and addressing Priorities of the futurE – a learning-by-doing approach) was bulit with the aim of strenghteening the synergy beween ESFA and FS4EU.

A main focus was given to the development and testing of innovative ways of communicating food risks and food safety, targeting young adults and their families.

The programme included – among other tasks – moderating and animating the 2nd FSOLab4 workshop, where the fellow presented his own experience, ideas and examples of cartoon-based communication campaigns with Food Safety purposes. The workgroup was composed of actors from all the European FSS: FSA representatives (including Tunisia INSSPA), researchers, consumer associations representatives as well as communication consultants.

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