Alert and Cooperation Network (ACN) 2022

Reports, scientific publications | 2023-06-20 | Nunzia Cito

The report covers all the information shared in 2022 within iRASFF, between members of the Alert and Cooperation
Network (ACN) that includes the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed network (RASFF), the Administrative Assistance
and Cooperation network (AAC) or the Agri-Food Fraud Network (FFN).
2022 shows an increase in the number of notifications shared in the AAC and FFN in comparison with previous years. This
illustrates the continued commitment of Member States’ competent authorities to detect and report non-compliances, even if
without health risk, or when suspected of fraudulent practice. In 2022, a high number of those notifications related to pesticide
The European Commission continued to assist Member States, through both expertise and IT support to facilitate the increasing
exchange of information.
Due follow-up was given to suspicious cross-border fraudulent activities, leading to launching of specific actions such as the
coordinated control plans on the illegal trade of pets, and to deter certain fraudulent practices in honey.

Source: Alert and Cooperation Network Report, 2022, IN BRIEF , doi: 10.2875/70506,
Publications Office of the European Union, 2023, © European Union, 2023

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