Practices, innovative solutions | 2023-05-15 | Nunzia Cito

FoodCASE is an information system to manage food composition, food contamination, food consumption data and branded data. It has flexible means to import and generate new data, and to analyse and link data (TRL 9).

This tool can be applied in the fields of Chemical contaminants in food and feed; Data; Food ingredients and packaging; Nutrition.

It can be used for the contaminants detection of drinks (spirits; wine; beer; mineral waters and soft drinks) and food products: chocolate and confectionery; food preparations; processed tea and coffee; meat products; dairy products; processed fruits and vegetables; oils and fats; bakery and farinaceous products; fish products; grain mill and starch products.

It can be applied in the food chain stages of retail, household handling and consumption.

Info: dr. Karl Presser, PREMOTEC


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