Sustainable Food Systems Partnership for People, Planet and Climate. Strategic Research And Innovation Agenda

Policies, strategies, debates | 2023-05-15 | Nunzia Cito

To reach sustainable food systems (SFS), the European Commission has launched through Horizon Europe the R&I initiative to develop the Partnership Sustainable Food Systems (P-SFS) for people, planet and climate.
It is one of the 49 partnerships launched under Horizon Europe to drive green and digital transitions.
Ten of them are targeting food systems (FS), namely seven co-funded Partnerships (Sustainable Blue Economy, Agroecology, Animal Health and Welfare, Agriculture of Data, Biodiversa+, Water4All, and P-SFS) and one institutionalized Partnership (Circular Bio-Based Europe).
While the other co-funded Partnerships are in particular addressing pre-harvest themes, the P-SFS has its focus on post-farming and -fishing. This contradiction to systems approaches is addressed through intensive cooperation with the other partnerships and this includes jointly implementing system approaches, working inter- and trans-disciplinary and engaging multi-actors
(Source: document “Executive Summary”)

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