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Policies, strategies, debates | 2023-05-15 | Nunzia Cito

Step-changing the innovation power and impact of the European food and drink industry
to the benefit of a sustainable society

The European food and drink sector is unique in its very high regional and continent-wide cultural diversity, which is not only a point of pride for many citizens, but also provides a framework ideally suited to foster creativity and innovations.
The great variety of regional culinary traditions that have developed across Europe over the centuries ensures that the food and drink sector is deeply embedded in society. The sector profits from a high-quality science ecosystem in the food, nutritional and related disciplines formed by top-level industry players, academic and research institutions, and players have a proven capacity to carry out ground-breaking research and development activities.

Through this industrial and science ecosystem, the sector is supplied with a well-educated workforce that is highly motivated. Europe is also very much a leader in the development and implementation of effective regulations to ensure that its food supply is of the highest safety and quality. In this respect, the continent also benefits from its excellent scientific and educational base.

The ability to combine high standards with diverse and interesting food and drink products makes the European food sector competitive and its products very desirable around the world. With a clear focus on health and safety, the European food system is capable of formulating new food solutions and ensuring that consumers have access to a balanced diet.

Finally, through its diversity, the European food system is able to react and rise to new challenges, which is unlike the case in other, more “food-uniform” regions of the world.
(Source: document “Strategic considerations”)

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