13th conference of the World Mycotoxin Forum

Events | 2022-05-24 | Alessio Livio Spera
Date: 17 May 2022

On the 17th May 2022, FoodSafety4EU joined the WMF sharing some reflections on reoccurrence of mycotoxins as a circularity related issue.

Together with CNR (Veronica Lattanzio, Antonio F. Logrieco, Giusy Avantaggiato), also UGENT (prof. Sarah de Saeger, Celine Meerpoel), Barilla (dr. Michele Suman), FFOQSY and prof. Rudi Krska – Boku, FS4EU external advisor – took part in the event.
Two posters presented:
FoodSafety4EU: a step towards improved engagement, cooperation, and transparency in the European Food Safety System.
– Implementation of the net map analysis to unravel the science-policy-society collaboration system in mycotoxin risk analysis

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