Towards sustainable food consumption

Reports, scientific publications | 2023-06-30 | Nunzia Cito

SAPEA Report released in June 2023 highlights healthy and sustainable food consumption as a key component of the EU’s transition towards a sustainable food system.

The report presents the relevant issues to shape the ongoing transformation: Food system impacts, Food environment and consumer behaviour, Policies and strategies, by going into detail and providing key messages in the following areas:

  • Food systems, food environments and their drivers
  • Nutritional and environmental food system outcomes
  • Consumer behaviour: Barriers to sustainable and healthy food consumption
  • Shaping the food environment for healthy and sustainable diets
  • Selected examples of policies to promote healthy and sustainable food consumption
  • Evidence-based policy elements

SAPEA informs the Scientific Opinion of the European Commission Group of Chief Scientific Advisors, being part of the Scientific Advice Mechanism.

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