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Education and Communications | 2023-07-25 | Alessio Livio Spera

Gingerbread cookies

πŸͺ Who doesn’t love some delicious gingerbread cookies?

🧐 Just be aware of the daily use of #cinnamon, and enjoy your sweets!

Pork sausage with lentils

πŸ§† You need just 2 tips to get the purest and helthiest #lentils in this extraordinary Italian dish!

Belgian fries

🍟 This is how you can have the healthiest Belgian fries you have ever tried!

Christmas stuffed goose

πŸ— You need to watch out to temperature and time for your goose!

Noodles with poppy seeds

πŸ› There you have it: a little secret for the most nutrient noodles!

Raw minced pork sandwich

πŸ₯ͺ Enjoy this tasty sandwich taking care of just one little thing!

Spaghetti carbonara

🍜 Take care of your eggs for an Extra Safe Carbonara!

Baked liver with cheese

πŸ₯˜ Want some delicious and healthy baked liver with cheese? 3 tips for you!

Pig trotter jelly

πŸ– Before adding the pieces to the boiling pot, be sure they are all clean!

Prawns in whisky

πŸ¦ͺ🦐 Anyone here a fan of seafood? Check your mussels and clams before eating them!

“Old clothes”

🐟 These thawing tips are essential if you freeze your meal!

Gravad fish & cold-smoked fish

🐟 Three tips for some perfect fish!


πŸ¦ͺ Perfect #oysters? It’s all about 🌑️ and ⏱️!


🍰 Keep your Christmas desserts safe!

Semi-cooked duck foie gras terrine

πŸ– Keep your foie gras safe!

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