Call for proposals – Promoting Flavour Research amongst PhD Students in Europe

Events | 2021-08-09 | Alessio Livio Spera
Date: 1 January 1970

Flavourings are substances used to impart taste and/or smell to food. The regulatory framework is now harmonised through EU legislation on food flavourings and EFSA’s risk assessment work supports this regulatory environment.

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Giract is launching the 12th edition of the highly successful and innovative programme to promote flavour research amongst PhD students at European universities and institutes.

The deadline is set for the 31st of October 2021.

The programme aims to raise the profile of flavour science research in Europe by encouraging students of different scientific disciples to engage in innovating flavour-related research PhD projects and thus to advance the exciting and challenging field of flavour science. Ph.D. students enrolled in universities and research institutes in 32 European countries (European Union, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey and Russia) are eligible to apply for:

  • Best Ph.D. thesis award – the winning student will receive €5000 and will present his/her work to potentialemployers at the annual Savory Flavor and Food Industry Conference in Geneva.
  • 6 Bursaries for 1st year Ph.D. students – the winning students will receive €3000 each and will have the opportunityto visit the laboratory of one of the sponsor companies during the second year of their Ph.D. studies.

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