A pathway for cooperation can be tailored to our Supporting Partners (SP) according to their desidered level of interest/influence in the Food Safety System.

At a first level of engagement, a FS4EU Supporting Partner can integrate and exchange information, news, tools and experiences, as well as new solutions for the food safety; at following levels, the SP can share approaches, by participating in the project consultations through surveys, opinions, expertises and can be involved in project events, meetings and initiatives.

An upper level of engagement includes different and increasing forms of cooperation within the project, through collaboration – participation – committment.

It means that a FS4EU Supporting Partner can have the opportunity to become member of the platform and participate in the exclusive FS4EU Forum that will be held in 2023 in Bruxelles with the main actors of the European Food Safety System.

Want to share data or opinions with us about the future for EU Food Safety?
Want to support FS4EU initiatives, or play an expert role in events and meetings?
Want to get involved with FS4EU’s working groups? or would you like to cooperate with us?
Want to be part of the FS4EU platform and contribute to define the next EU Food Safety System?
Want to become a full member of the FS4EU platform, and get in charge of various core activities?