How the researchers can contribute to boost cooperation within the Food Safety System?

Strenghtening trust in the EU Food Safety System is the new challenge! This is the goal we are committed to, by co-creating new strategies and boosting transparent communication to shape the Food Safety System of the Future

Veronica M.T. Lattanzio, Project Coordinator

CNR – Italy

I’m very proud to launch and drive a new network focused on Food Safety in Europe that will surely be crucial for sharing knowledge to jointly tackle the future food borne emergencies thus ensuring human and animal health. I’m confident that this starting group will grow in the future, by engaging the most relevant players to effectively contribute to improve the Food Safety for all

Antonio F. Logrieco, Network Coordinator

CNR – Italy

The future is in connecting people, knowledge, data and tools through digitalization. Our project is integrating input from researchers, institutions, food business operators, citizens, consumers to co-design and experiment a new concept of platform in the Food Safety System in Europe.

Nunzia Cito, Platform & Innovation Manager

CNR – Italy

What do you currently do to ease the cooperation with policymakers and researchers?

ZSI partner has set up the methodological approach of FSOlabs to involve a core group of 20 persons representing different stakeholder groups relevant in the food sector to discuss challenges and urgent needs of the specific thematic field of the labs. ZSI introduces the methods, provides a lab manual and trains the facilitators of the series of lab workshops to be best prepared to run the labs.

Dr ilse Marschalek, WP2 Leader

ZSI – Austria

What do you expect from the food safety system of the future?

We expect that it will be the same for each European country. From communication systems to the processing of scientific data, we believe that it is important to have harmonized systems, to improve simplicity and clarity throughout Europe. It would then be easier to cooperate with all European food safety authorities. Maybe, in the future, we could even strive for global harmonization?

Sarah De Saeger, WP3 Co-leader

UGENT – Belgium

What do you expect from the food safety system of the future?

Looking ahead, we expect the food safety system of the future to be more responsive to the challenges of climate change and the expansion of the global food production and supply, by embracing a holistic approach integrating consumers, environment and food safety. Transferring the ´One Health´ approach to the food safety system could be a smart move to drive this transformational change.

Michael Rychlik, WP4 Leader

TUM – Germany

What do you expect from the food safety system of the future?

Food safety of the future should rely on clear and improved regulations for monitoring the whole food chain and have a broader approach including social, environmental and nutritional aspects. Transparency, trustworthy, optimized, implemented quality management systems, supported by enforced R&D&I actions (rapid testing techniques; education and training) and food policies should be the main keywords for the future.

Nastasia Belc, WP6 Leader

IBA – Romania

How the communication with other actors can be improved?

Raising consumer awareness should be important. Identifying different groups such as: urban and rural population, age, economic status and educational level is an opportunity to obtain information on consumer awareness regarding aspects of food safety. Reducing customer concern and increasing trust is a challenge faced by Authority as well as its mission to acomplish.

Xhilda PEPA, Project partner

AKU – Albania

How can you increase the importance of your role in the food safety system?

As food safety communicators we need address the complexity of topics related to food safety combined with individual needs. How? By making sure we translate the facts into accurate, accessible and actionable info. By mapping our audience and channels. And, by monitoring the public discourse and engaging in discussion with other stakeholders in the field.

Nina McGrath, Task leader for public engagement and stakeholder cooperation

EUFIC – Belgium

What do you currently do to ease the cooperation with policymakers and researchers?

FoodDrinkEurope participates in many EU-funded projects translating research outcomes into policy advice. FoodDrinkEurope also hosts the secretariat of the European Technology Platform ‘Food for Life’, which brings together experts from industry and academia to identify strategic R&I priorities and bring these to the attention of policymakers.

Rebeca Fernandez, Project Partner

FDE – Belgium

What do you currently do to ease the cooperation with policymakers and researchers?

The cooperation with policymakers and researchers is one of FIPA’s main goals. To do so, we deliver scientific and technological-based information, not only to support the agri-food companies on their daily work, but also to improve policymakers’ knowledge about the sector. This collaborative work – with upstream and downstream partners – allows us to develop a holistic approach and response to food policy challenges, namely, when it concerns food safety.

Pedro Queiroz

FIPA – Portugal