2nd International DISH Cluster Workshop

The DISH Cluster is thrilled to announce you the 2nd International Workshop “Bridging science and society – Risk Assessors meet Social Scientists on food safety matters” that will take place on 12th October 2022 (10.00 – 12.00 CET).

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The context

What we eat matters for healthy living. However, hazards in food still account for about 23 million cases of illness and 5.000 deaths in Europe every year. Besides, Non-Communicable Diseases are collectively responsible for almost 70% of all deaths worldwide.

The DISH Cluster aims to guide and support consumers towards a healthy and safe diet by improving their nutritional habits and food safety. It is made up on the synergies established by 5 project: SafeConsume, Eat2benice, FoodSafety4EU, Stance4Health and One Health EJP.

The event

On 12th of October the DISH cluster will contribute and inspire the next directions towards a safe and healthy food style with keynotes speakers of the European Food System!

Join our dinner, inspired by the outcomes of the One 2022 Conference! Meet keynotes speakers of the European Food System to contribute and inspire the next directions towards a safe and healthy food style!

Join us!

Agenda available HERE.

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EFSA findings on the animal welfare for transported animals

On the 26th September EFSA will organise an online event to engage with EFSA’s experts and representatives of the European Commission on the latest findings, namely on the results of the EFSA scientific opinions on the transport of animals, which will be published beginning of September 2022.

The event will explain the work carried out by EFSA in the context of the Farm to Fork mandates on animal welfare and present the findings of five scientific opinions on the welfare of transported animals.

The meeting will be held online and organised in two parts:

-The first part will be specifically focused on the presentation of the EFSA’s opinions on the welfare of transported animals.

-The second part will present EFSA’s assessment on the welfare of pigs and will provide an update on EFSA’s ongoing mandates.

The event will last in total three hours and a half and participants will be given the possibility to ask questions for clarification

Read the Agenda and register to the Event here

NTP 2022-Realising the True Potential of Nonthermal Processing Technologies in Future Food Production

From 4 to 6 November the University College Dublin will host the EFFoST / IFT-NPD Workshop on Nonthermal Processing of Foods in the city of Dublin, Ireland.

The food industry is currently facing many major challenges including a growing global population that is also ageing, the need for improved sustainability in the food supply, and increasing consumer demands for greater product choice and confidence. All in a market where diet and health are increasingly coming to the fore as consumer priorities.

The Nonthermal Processing Workshop will explore the theme: Realising the True Potential of Nonthermal Processing Technologies in Future Food Production and it will consists of a two-day workshop including lectures and poster presentations.

This is preceded by a one-day short course that provides fundamental foundation knowledge of non-thermal technologies.

Read the Programme and register to the event here

FoodMicro2022- Next Generation Challenges in Food Microbiology

FoodMicro2022 Conference is scheduled to be held in Athens on August 28 to 31, 2022 in hybrid format. The Scientific Committee, keeping up with all new trends and data in the Food Microbiology sector, has been working hard to prepare an attractive and high-standard Scientific Program.

Top Plenary Speakers and Presenters will cover a wide variety of Thematic Topics, creating the not-to-be-missed line up of the #FM2022, taking place in Athens.

The old intellectual heritage together with the Next Generation Challenges in Food Microbiology, will have a positive impact on the enthusiasm of the delegates’ participation and the productivity and success of the Conference.

Read the Programme and register to the Event here

METROFOOD Final Conference

On the 19th May, FoodSafety4EU will participate in the METROFOOD Final Conference, as an invited project to activate networking by presenting services and tools for the #FoodSafety platform!
IBA, CNR – APRE, ENEA, PREMOTECH, TUM, EUFIC, and FDE will be attending the hybrid conference, either online or in presence in Bucharest.

13th conference of the World Mycotoxin Forum

On the 17th May 2022, FoodSafety4EU joined the WMF sharing some reflections on reoccurrence of mycotoxins as a circularity related issue.

Together with CNR (Veronica Lattanzio, Antonio F. Logrieco, Giusy Avantaggiato), also UGENT (prof. Sarah de Saeger, Celine Meerpoel), Barilla (dr. Michele Suman), FFOQSY and prof. Rudi Krska – Boku, FS4EU external advisor – took part in the event.
Two posters presented:
FoodSafety4EU: a step towards improved engagement, cooperation, and transparency in the European Food Safety System.
– Implementation of the net map analysis to unravel the science-policy-society collaboration system in mycotoxin risk analysis

The Events at IFFA 2022 14-19 May 2022

Meeting place for knowledge transfer and networking: these are the events in the complementary program of IFFA. Lecture and discussion forums, a live production line, guided tours and craft competitions will address the most important industry topics

The events offer inspiration, product information, experience, expertise and contacts.

Discover more

SafeConsume Conference 2022

The Safeconsume consortium is inviting policy actors, scientists, risk communicators, educators and anyone interested in food safety at the consumer part of the chain to register for their final conference “Shedding light on the dark territory of food safety – future solutions for risk reduction in domestic kitchens“. The event will be held in the city of Bucharest, Romania in June 2022.

Safe food is a shared responsibility of all actors along the food chain. As the last line of defence, stands the consumer. About 40% of all reported foodborne illnesses in Europe are acquired from food consumed at home and there is a need for new approaches to help consumers mitigate risk. A combination of strategies is necessary, including as material infrastructures aiding safe behaviours, improved skills and knowledge and an inclusive food safety policy.

In this conference, you will get a state-of-the-art introduction to consumer practices that affect the risk of foodborne infection and a range of strategies to reduce this risk. The programme is a combination of short presentations, demonstrations, and debates. Also, you are invited to participate with your own ideas, products, findings or viewpoint through a pitch or poster.  More datails about the Programme here.

Secure your spot before1st June 2022!

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FoodSafety4EU is pleased to invite you to our EU Green Week Partner Event, taking place on 1st June 2022 at 10.00 CEST. The 2-hour session will bring together food actors to debate how food safety can be communicated to consumers in the context of sustainable food systems.

In recent years, EU policy agenda, particularly the From Farm to Fork Strategy under the EU Green Deal, has placed significant importance on the transition towards more sustainable food systems and healthy sustainable diets, while maintaining an high level of food safety. Meanwhile, novel foods/methods being introduced into the food chain may present new challenges and emerging risks.

The objective of the session is to have FoodSafety4EU partners and experts from the European Food Safety System interact, showcase, and reflect on their public communication/engagement practices, and, where relevant, identify existing shortcomings to be addressed. The panelist statements will then pave way for an interactive public discussion and Q&A involving all participants.

Participation is free, but you need to register here.

Agenda here.


EURACTIV is organising a Virtual Conference on 28 April to discuss with food actors what a potential policy framework for supplements could look like, with the following questions in mind:

– How can supplements play a role in helping build more resilient societies and reduce the burden on national health systems?
– Since deficiencies in a range of vitamins and minerals still exist in the EU, can supplements help redress this imbalance?
– Can food supplements help governments achieve their objective of keeping an ageing EU population healthy and productive?

Register here and watch the livestream here

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