Farm to Fork Conference 2021 – 14-15 October 2021

Building sustainable food systems together’ is an annual gathering of European stakeholders interested in helping to shape the EU’s path towards sustainable food systems.

Stakeholders across the food value chain, public authorities, international and civil society organisations, as well as other citizens and the interested public are invited to join the debate every year and contribute to the implementation of the Farm to Fork Strategy for a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system.

The event also provides a forum for discussion on the challenges and opportunities linked to the transition to sustainable food systems, as well as on possible further areas of intervention.

The second edition of the Farm to Fork conference will be held on 14-15 October 2021. It is foreseen as a hybrid meeting with the majority of the audience joining virtually.

The Farm to Fork conference 2021 will focus on the progress made on the initiatives foreseen in the strategy’s action plan, support the EU efforts to achieve a global transition to sustainable food systems and put emphasis on transition enablers.

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Call for proposals – Promoting Flavour Research amongst PhD Students in Europe

Flavourings are substances used to impart taste and/or smell to food. The regulatory framework is now harmonised through EU legislation on food flavourings and EFSA’s risk assessment work supports this regulatory environment.

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Giract is launching the 12th edition of the highly successful and innovative programme to promote flavour research amongst PhD students at European universities and institutes.

The deadline is set for the 31st of October 2021.

The programme aims to raise the profile of flavour science research in Europe by encouraging students of different scientific disciples to engage in innovating flavour-related research PhD projects and thus to advance the exciting and challenging field of flavour science. Ph.D. students enrolled in universities and research institutes in 32 European countries (European Union, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey and Russia) are eligible to apply for:

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Future of Food Conference | 30.11 – 01.12. 2021

The Future of Food Conference will provide a high-level platform to discuss future trends and priorities in food innovation in Europe, in the broader context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the EU Farm to Fork Strategy.

The conference will address the role of younger generations in transforming food systems. It will discuss challenges and solutions in areas such as: soil health and regenerative agriculture; aquaculture; circular food systems; sustainable food labelling. The program will include sessions on the impact of information on consumer trust in food, and education, with a special focus on vocational education and training.

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RAFA 2021 – Recent Advances in Food Analysis | 3-4 November 2021

RAFA 2021 – Recent Advances in Food Analysis | 3-4 November 2021 (online)

Food scientists from academia and industry and representatives of national and international agencies, control authorities, governmental and commercial laboratories are invited to attend the Virtual event highlighting current Trends & Views on RECENT ADVANCES IN FOOD (RAFA 2021).

To keep RAFA community together and invite newcomers to join us, the organizers have planned an online special event “RAFA Trends & Views”. This event will be free of charge for all registered participants.

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ILSI Europe e-annual Symposium

The 2021 ILSI Europe Annual Symposium (IEAS) is a premiere gathering of experts from around the world that meets to shed light on the current and future challenges on nutrition, food safety and sustainability. It is a key opportunity for stakeholders to contribute to give answers to these questions, discussing and debating on the themes in the spotlight.

Thanks to the multiple parallel session, this year’s program will trigger the interest of all curious scientific minds anywhere across the globe. A most promising scientific program is being finalised with exciting talks and inspiring speakers.

Also FoodSafety4EU project will join the discussion: during the session on Consumers and informed choice in the digital age, Hanna-Leena Alakomi (VTT) will present the results coming from the survey conducted among consumers.

More information and registrations are available here.

FoodSafety4EU Interactive workshop – 25.06.21

New schemes supporting food safety and consumers in Europe: a voice from the FoodSafety4EU platform

6th ISEKI-Food International Conference – Post-Conference event

25 June 2021 | 14.00 – 15.30 CEST
Online Event | Free Participation

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Food safety is a top priority for the European Commission, whose policies aim at ensuring a high level of protection of human life and consumers’ interests in relation to food, while guaranteeing an effective functioning of the internal market.
However, when risk communication is not effective enough, it can have a negative impact on citizens’ trust in risk management decisions. The new Transparency Regulation (2019/1381) is a direct response to recent consumer concerns on the transparency of the process of safety assessment of our foods and is expected to drive the Food Safety System towards a more effective risk communication between Commission, EFSA, Member states, and public stakeholders.

This workshop is intended as an interactive discusssion on the impact of the new provisions of the Transparency Regulation calling for an integrated framework for risk communication by EU food safety risk assessors and risk managers at Union and national level. Panelists representing the main categories of Food Safety actors (Food Safety Agencies, food scientists, food business operators, consumers) will dicuss with the audience during an interactive round table.

Under the edge of the new Transparency Regulation, the EU-funded FoodSafety4EU project will design, develop and release a multi-stakeholder platform for the future European Food Safety System (FSS) to enable them to access resources and data efficiently, synchronise food safety research strategies, share and exchange scientific knowledge and contribute to transparent communication regarding the FSS.

The outcomes of the discussion will be made available on the FoodSafety4EU website

The full agenda is available here:

Registrations are closed but you can watch the live streaming event on our Facebook page! Moreover, you can join the roundtable discussion using ( and enter the code #FS4EU.

6th International ISEKI-Food Conference – 23 -25 June 2021

6th International ISEKI-Food Conference – 23 -25 June 2021

The ISEKI-Food 2021 Conference focuses on “Sustainable Development Goals in Food Systems: Challenges and Opportunities for the Future” and aims to promote a wide and constructive discussion on the current status and achievements of the SDGs.

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ILSI Annual Meeting 2021 – 13-22 April 2021

ILSI Annual Meeting 2021 – 13-22 April 2021

The 2021 ILSI Annual Science Symposium is a premier gathering of scientists from around the world. The primary focus of the meeting is to learn about new scientific developments in the key topics of ILSI’s focus, such as sustainability, food safety, nutrition and health and identify areas where ILSI can have an impact on public health. This multidisciplinary meeting is an opportunity for experts from all sectors to collaborate and share knowledge. The attendees reach across all relevant ILSI stakeholders including government agencies, academia (including students), non-governmental organizations and the food and agriculture industries.

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The UN food safety summit 2021 – 19 – 21 July 2021

The UN food safety summit 2021 – 19 – 21 July 2021

The three-day event will be held in Rome and will bring together youth, smallholder farmers, indigenous peoples, researchers, private sector, policy leaders and ministers of agriculture, environment, health, and finance among others to deliver the latest evidence-based and scientific approach from around the world, launch a set of new commitments through coalitions of action, and mobilize new financing and partnerships. Moreover, it will tackle the issue of food security and promote better agriculture, sustainable value chains and healthier lifestyles.

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➡️ On 14-15 September 2021, FSO lab4 launched its first of 3 interactive workshops!🔉 More than 20 lab participants developed pilot ideas for novel communication methods. 👉 Find out more: ! ... See MoreSee Less
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4 days ago

🎉 Thanks to all participants for the great work and dedication put into our first cycle of FSO lab4!In the past two days we co-created 2 novel and innovative communication methods informing civil society about food safety research and the risk assessment process. ... See MoreSee Less
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🚀 Ready for the 2° day of work in FSOLab4! We will develop the pilot idea for the 3 stakeholder groups: food industry, food safety authorities & consumer organisations. ➡️ We'll identify the aspects that need to be addressed in the implementation of the communication methods. ... See MoreSee Less
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💡 Participants have come to an agreement formulating 1 pilot idea on communication methods informing civil society about food safety research and the risk assessment process. Tomorrow, we will start prototyping the pilot idea to be implemented by the pilot hosts! 💻Stay tuned! ... See MoreSee Less
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➡️ Lab participants in groups have reflected on the various aspects of effective #foodsafety and risk assessment communication to civil society that needs to be addressed. 🎉 Interesting and highly relevant aspects have come up! ... See MoreSee Less
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