SRIA: a new consultation ongoing!

FSOLab 3 is preparing the proposal for the Food Safety Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) by involving the Food Safety Stakeholders in prioritizing Research and Innovation needs to support a safe transition to EU Food Safety Systems.

How we’re involving the platform towards the SRIA: the FSOLab experience

On September 2021, the Food Safety Operational Lab 3 (FSOLab 3) kicked off with 22 participants from 14 nations across different business sectors (e.g., research, industry, academia, European Initiatives, Food Safety Authorities etc.). 

The relevant stakeholders involved in FSOLab 3 are: 

a) Authorities/Ministries: a leading role in promoting policies on the basis of the scientific evidence (EFSA, Food Safety Authorities); 

b) Research/Academia: a secondary or supportive role in producing scientific evidence (Universities/research institutes); 

c) Food Safety services, including laboratories: a secondary or supportive role in producing scientific evidence; 

d) Food industry associations: influenced by food safety new knowledge and legislation (food industry associations); 

e) Farmer associations-influenced by food safety new knowledge and legislation. 

Why FSOLab 3 topic is important?

The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) will contribute to reinforcing the role of Europe as a global leader in food safety standards and creating broader impacts on society. Guaranteeing enough safe food for present and future generations mean strong innovation in methods for food production, processing, storage, preservation, transport, and distribution as well as in approaches to assess and monitor food quality and safety. 

Pilot Actions

Two Pilot Actions were suggested for the core theme of the novel hazard and risks:

Pilot Action No. 1: Alliance on Food systems: emerging risks and hazards

– To bring together all the food safety actors for building a common strategy to address emerging risks and hazards
– To have an overall picture of the actors and repository of research/actions/initiatives
– European Food Safety Partnership as a tool for collaboration
– Pilot approach for building a part of the EFS Forum

Pilot Action No. 2: Fast-response RIA for emerging hazards

– Strategy for a Research Innovation Agenda

Target groups (involved in drafting the SRIA through a wide consultation): national authorities (e.g. FSA), policy makers and risk managers (e.g DG Sante, EFSA), research, industry, consumers, society, professional associations, ad hoc young people structured group) to guarantee a systemic approach and cross-sectorial approach.

FSOLab 3 Team

Denisa Duta

Lab Manager

National Research and Development Institute for Food Bioresources – IBA Bucharest

Biancamaria Ciasca

Lab Manager


FSOLab 3 Steps & Updates

The drafted pilot ideas have been further analyzed and discussed in the 2nd FSOlab 3 workshop (Autumn 2021) to establish a priority list of topics for future research to address global challenges (SDGs, RRI). The consultation for the SRIA has been launched in November 2022, asking for contributions from actors of the platform, supporting partners, and other stakeholders.

You can know more about the results of the 1st Meeting of this FSOLab by reading the article here.

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